Having worked with my hubby as a graphic designer in our own sign and design business since 1984, I am now pleased to offer GRAPHIC AND WEB SERVICES.

I aim to:

  1. support business with their online solutions, by advising and helping with self-managed websites and social media solutions, and
  2. to help young adults in developing countries to use and develop their IT skills and kick-start their careers.

What I like to do:

I like to share my knowledge and skills with others, and help small businesses create their own self-managed websites, integrating them with the social networks. So if you are interested please contact me. My Specialities include:

  1. Graphic Design (business cards, flyers. logos, web graphics, print media, Ad Designs, etc)
  2. Web Design (including hosting and developing)
  3. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  4. Social Media support (especially Facebook)
  5. Other Online support and help (just ask if you have trouble with something)
  6. Computer and Software Help (troubleshooting for many applications)
  7. Photo work (Editing, Enhancing, adding text, etc.)
  8. Writing (Blogs, Articles, Sales copy, Editing, Book publishing)
  9. Marketing (Selling and advertising online)
  10. Research (Google searches, Collating Information, Sharing Information)
  11. Creativity (Product Creating, Innovations, Card making)
  12. Networking (Team Building, Connecting people, Sharing)